250 Mbps Internet with LTU – Another Node1 First

Hold onto your Bunnings hats, Western Australia. NodeOne has just dropped a doozy in internet tech – LTU – allowing speeds of 250 Mbps across our growing network.

Ready for UltraFast Internet?

Want to be one of the first in Australia to use LTU on our Fixed Wireless network?

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LTU... LT Who?

The new speeds are available via Air Fiber LTU PtMP (sometimes affectionately known as Long-Term Ubiquiti, Point to MultiPoint) - a massive innovation to Fixed Wireless technology.  It's fresh off the plane, but our team has been working manically to have it deployed and tested. NodeOne can now deliver better internet speeds and lower latency (hello, gamers ?) to selected areas on our N1 Fixed Wireless network.

Node1 250 Mbps Fixed Wireless Internet QV1 Tower
NodeOne team on QV1 tower with a combination of Fixed Wireless equipment.

WA's Internet, Innovated.

"Our mission at NodeOne is to push Western Australia's internet experience ahead of the curve by always bringing the latest innovations to our shores", says director Nick van Namen. "We've upgraded WA with the most superior Fixed Wireless technology on the market."

LTU is tech that the Fixed Wireless industry has been waiting for years to be released. "We're always looking ahead of the curve, to match the rapid pace and trajectory of internet demands."

Better than the rest.

"In our tests with the initial rollout, not only is the speed ultrafast, but the latency is better than nbn HFC, FTTN, and FTTB. Households and businesses now have the ability to surpass the cap placed on them by their Fixed Line service", explains Nick.

Fixed Wireless: a better Internet.

We now have 3 boundary-breaking Fixed Wireless speed tiers for WA.


Our current Flexi plan allows up to 150 Mbps with a range of 30km from our towers using Ubiquiti equipment.


The new Ubiquiti LTU gear allows up to 250 Mbps with the same 30km range.


We use Mikrotik antennas to offer up to 1 Gbps with a range of up to 1km from our tower.

Ultra Plans at Great Prices.

We're offering 4 plans that utilise this equipment.

Residential 250mbps/50mbps

250GB (unlimited offpeak) $129/mo
500GB (unlimited offpeak) $139/mo
Unlimited $159/mo

Business 250mbps/100mbps

Unlimited $199/mo

Top speeds need top gear.

Standard antenna installation costs apply for new connections. Existing N1 Fixed Wireless customers can swap out their antenna for $200.

Many Wi-Fi routers aren't designed to pump out these sorts of speeds. We recommend, and sell, the Amplifi (also by Ubiquiti; it's a match made in heaven). Chat to our super-local team if you're unsure about your current router.

WA: the Wait Awhile state? Not on our watch.

Our initial rollout is complete and the results made me fall off my chair. This is now our reality, WA. Don't waste time for your internet to catch up to you. Do more, wait less.

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