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6 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home can be a positive experience if you set it up properly. You have more freedom to work when you want, there’s no travelling to and from work and you can make it a more efficient way to get things done. 

So here are a few tips about how to do just that, and make your study or work at home more efficient.

1. Upgrade your internet speed.

Upgrade your internet speed

Most people’s home internet isn’t as fast as their work internet. And you’re now going to be putting a lot more load on what might have been a useful internet speed for a bit of Netflix. 

A common home internet plan is 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps. This can be OK for some things, but it might be a bit slow if you’re working online while others are gaming, watching movies, or video conferencing. Upgrading to a plan of at least 100 Mbps will help you all do these things without having to worry.

NodeOne has an offer to DOUBLE YOUR SPEED and get 100 Mbps for the price of 50! This will help you do all your work at home, much faster, for no extra cost. This special price lasts until June 30th, and is available for our N1 Fixed Wireless service and NBN.

Existing customers on these services can log in to their My Account and request a Plan Change to take advantage of this. We also have speed upgrade options for customers on eligible N1 Fixed Wireless plans; see this post for more information, or ask one of our friendly salespeople.

2. Avoid dropouts with video conferencing.

Avoid dropouts with video conferencing.

There are more people in your local neighbourhood using the internet now.  And video conferencing is booming.  But these conference calls aren’t going to be productive if you have video streaming issues.

This can happen because some internet providers jam a lot of people onto their purchased nbn capacity to produce better cost efficiencies for their business.  But this is what creates buffering – those annoying times when the internet just seems to jam.

So, it might not be that your nbn at home is actually bad. It might be that you went with a big provider that simply packed too many customers on their capacity. At NodeOne, we put the customer experience first and don’t overcrowd our networks – NBN or N1 Fixed Wireless. Get on our network and you can video conference all day, at any time, without having to worry about avoiding peak times. If you’re not sure about changing from your current provider, we’ve got some tips for you here.

3. Find a good spot to work.

Find a good spot to work.

Some people like working in a quiet, private room, away from the rest of the household.  Others like a more open space that overlooks some green trees. And some might be moving around depending on who is doing what in their house.

Either way, you want to make the choice that works best for you.  You don’t want the choice to be dictated by where your tech works best.

If you have a large house or find that you have some Wi-Fi dead spots in your house, upgrading your router could solve your problems. When you connect to your Wi-Fi, you’re really connecting to your router. Think of its range like an air conditioner; if there are lots of thick walls between you and the router, you may need a stronger output.

For people in larger homes, we love the AmpliFi HD router. It has:

  • a modern, clean look,
  • it’s easy to set up yourself (our friendly WA support team can guide you over the phone),
  • it has a strong signal performance and,
  • the Mesh Point extenders work really, really well.

4. Kids soak up data.

Kids soak up data.

With many kids at home from school and uni, your home internet has new stresses.  They’ll be gaming, Facetiming friends, watching Netflix and maybe even studying more.

It’s a good time to check that your plan has unlimited data because you don’t want that surprise at the end of the month.

To help you through these difficult times, NodeOne has removed all data limits on all plans until at least June 30. So this means you can all use the internet, as much as you want, without having to worry.  Purchase any plan now and avoid additional data costs.

5. Get faster uploads.

Get faster uploads.

One thing that adds to your workload at home is all the additional uploading of files to shared folders like Dropbox and Google Drive.  Photographers, graphic designers, website developers, musicians and video producers already struggle with this. 

The good news is that you don’t have to leave your big uploads until night time or sit there in frustration. Unique to NodeOne is our 150 Mbps NodeOne Network Fixed Wireless plan that offers super-fast uploads and downloads.  You could improve your upload speed by up to five times faster, for just $109/month.

If money is tight and $100 is your absolute maximum spend, another option is the 100/30 Mbps N1 Fixed Wireless plan, which is usually $99/month, but with our Double Your Speed offer it’s only $79 until June 30! With 30Mbps uploads, it will still be at least 50% faster than many typical home plans.

6. Frustrated with overseas support?

Frustrated with overseas support?

When you have a billing issue or the internet is down, you want to speak to someone straight away to get your issue resolved.

Large companies with overseas call centres are unable to provide telephone or chat support because their call centres have closed.  And who knows for how long or if they’ll ever return to normal this year.

At NodeOne, you can talk directly to WA technicians and support staff who can help straight away.  We’re a WA company, with WA people. And everyone is already set up to work from home.

Learn how to switch to a local WA provider here, or call us now and see for yourself – 1300 166 331.

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