That’s right WA, Hyperfast internet is here! Hyperfast refers to our Fixed Wireless products that are capable of up to 1 Gbps download and upload.

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Can I get it at my place?

Due to the technology involved, there are only very limited areas which will be eligible for Hyperfast speeds. These are all within close proximity of our broadcast towers. We’ll be progressively upgrading our current network towers to handle Hyperfast connections, starting with our new North Perth location in March 2019. As with all of our Fixed Wireless products, there is an assessment process to determine whether we can service your premise or not. If we can’t get you a Hyperfast service, don't fret, you may still be eligible for our 100/20 Mbps Fixed Wireless service.

Up to 1 Gbps?!

This is something that we’re going to be very honest and upfront about. The fastest speed you can expect to get under the best conditions is around 900Mbps down / 900Mbps up. Some people may get faster than this but most people will see less. After months of testing, our networking guru’s say most people should see around 600-700 Mbps download / 400-500 Mbps upload. That’s still crazy fast though. To put it into perspective, according to Ooklas Speedtest Global Index the Australian average for Fixed Line speeds is 33.28 Mbps (as of March 2019). Having said all of that, here are some factors to consider if you want the best out of your connection.

You might be in for a router upgrade

Pushing 1 Gbps of internet traffic is intense. Most routers aren’t really made to go past 100-200 Mbps. That free router your got with your ADSL connection in 2012 is definitely not going to cut it. Our favourite router at the moment is Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi HD. Also brilliant if you’ve got a big house as you can extend it’s WiFi easily with additional mesh kits. Important to note, lots of routers have 1 Gbps ports for the WAN and LAN and for switching traffic, that’s fine but internet traffic is a different beast.

The devices you use will dictate your speed

If you want to get the most out of your connection you really do need a fast computer or device, not just a fast internet connection. 1 Gbps is actually faster than many people’s home computer can handle. We’d recommend a computer with an Intel i5 CPU or above and an SSD. Don’t forget, not all ethernet adaptors are 1 Gbps. You may have a 100 Mbps network port and never even noticed.

Home Wi-Fi

Built for convenience, not performance. There’s a very high chance wireless devices won’t achieve the max speed of your connection. There are a lot of factors involved with this and they affect even the newest phones and tablets on the market. The most accurate way to measure speeds is by using a wired/Ethernet connection to an actual computer. That’s not to say your wireless devices will have bad internet, they’ll still perform great. We just want to set the expectation that they probably won’t show 900 Mbps.

How much?

We just have the one plan. $109.95 p/month with unlimited data. That’s a little bit more than most nbn plans but you’re definitely going to get more bang for your buck.
There are additional costs you’ll need to be aware of, there is a minimum $200 charge for installation and you’ll possibly need to budget for a new router.

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