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Standard Evening Speed Plan

The nbn® 25 plan, also called the Standard Evening Speed Plan, is an affordable option for households of one or two people who just need the internet for day-to-day essentials, or those with low to moderate internet usage.

We offer one of the most reliable and cheap nbn® 25 plans on the market. You can expect download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. That’s the speed you need, with no unnecessary extras.

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nbn® 25 speed

You’ll find that nbn® 25 unlimited plans are fast enough for households of up to two people. It’ll keep you browsing, sending emails, casual streaming and gaming and downloading as much as you need.

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Can I get an nbn® 25 plan?

Anyone can connect to our nbn® 25 Mbps plan regardless of what technology your house uses. If you need a reliable, budget-friendly nbn® experience, contact us to connect today.

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    nbn® 25 plan FAQs

    What is nbn® tier 25?

    The nbn® 25 plan reaches maximum download speeds of 25 Mbps on downloads, with upload speeds reaching a maximum of 5 Mbps. It’s also known as Standard Evening Speed or Home Standard. During peak hours, usually in the evening, when most households are online, the actual download and upload speeds are more like 18-24 Mbps.

    nbn® 25 vs nbn® 50

    Two people with four or five devices will get by fine on 25 Mbps depending on how you use your broadband. You’ll easily be able to stream a show in 4K on one device, but more than that might slow you down.

    If you think you might need more, 50 Mbps is good for two to four people and up to seven devices, with two or three simultaneous streams and some surfing.

    If you’re likely to have more than two devices at any time, you should opt for a plan with slightly higher speed.

    You can find out more about our 50 Mbps plan here.

    Is nbn® 25 fast enough?

    An nbn® 25 plan is fast enough for households of one to two people and up to four devices.

    Is 25 Mbps fast enough for Netflix?

    25 Mbps is fast enough to stream a 4K video on platforms like YouTube and Netflix on a single device, or HD on two or three devices.

    nbn® 25 plans – still have questions?

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