NodeOne Frequently Asked Questions

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Important updates to your NodeOne account

What’s the change?

We’re upgrading our systems to provide you with a smoother and more efficient NodeOne experience:

  • We’re introducing a convenient new billing schedule, commencing on the 1st of June.
  • We’re rolling out a sleek, easy to read, new-look invoice.
  • We’re thrilled to announce an upgraded customer portal for effortless self-service – so you can update billing details, add contacts, view usage and more.

Your current service, plan, and pricing remain untouched – we’re simply enhancing your experience with us!

Why is the change happening?

We’re upgrading our systems to provide you with a smoother and more efficient NodeOne experience.

Will my service be impacted?

Your service will not be impacted by this change. We’re taking care to ensure all services are migrated seamlessly.

Will my pricing change?

No, all plans, pricing and discounts that are currently active will be migrated to our new billing system and will not be changed.

Will my invoice date change?

Your invoice will still be issued on the 1st of the month, however, based on your feedback, you’ll now pay for your current month instead of paying a month ahead. Any new NodeOne customers may have their Invoice date issued on the anniversary of their activation date.

Note: If are currently paying in advance, you’ll enjoy a break from billing this May.

Will my invoice due date change?

Your invoice will still be issued on the 1st of the month, however, based on your feedback, you’ll now pay for your current month instead of paying a month ahead. Our payment terms are:

  • Seven (7) days from the invoice date for residential customers, and,
  • Fourteen (14) days from the invoice date for business customer.
Will my contract expiry date change?

No, all current contracts will be moved with the original start and end dates of the contract assigned to the account. There will be no changes made to valid contracts.

Will my invoice look different?

Yes, we’re rolling out a sleek, easy to read, new-look invoice. Along with your first new-look invoice in June, we’ll include a comprehensive bill explainer to help you navigate new features.

Will my billing policy be updated?

Yes, please find your updated billing policy here. 

Will the payment options be changing?

In response to your valuable feedback, we’re introducing a new Direct Debit option for smoother transactions. Look out for instructions in the bill explainer. If Ezidebit is your go-to payment method, no further action is required.

All other forms of payment remain untouched. Credit Card, Debit Card and BPay are all still welcome.

Will my account number change?

Yes, you will be issued a new account number, which will appear on your first new-look invoice.

Will the email address that the invoice is sent from change?

No. Your invoice will still be sent from [email protected]

I have authorised additional contacts on my account, will they still have access?

Yes, all current authorised contacts on your account will be migrated across to the new system. You will receive a notification for each contact, confirming they have authorised access to your account.

If you would like to make changes to your authorised contacts, you can update this in your new customer portal or contact us at: [email protected]

How can I get assistance with billing requests or questions?

You should be able to find all billing related answers on this FAQ sheet, or on the bill explainer included with your first new-look invoice in June.

Alternatively, you may contact the billing support team via email below: [email protected]

Will my customer portal be changing?

Yes. We’re thrilled to announce an upgraded customer portal for effortless self-service – so you can update billing details, add contacts, view usage and more.

How can I get started in the new portal?

Getting started on your new portal will be quick and easy:

  1. Keep an eye out for an email titled “Important Change to your NodeOne Account” confirming your username and linking you to the new portal.
  2. Click the link provided to set up your access and follow the instructions to set your new password.
  3. You’re good to go! Be sure to bookmark the new portal link for easy access in the future.
Will I still have access to the old customer portal?

No, once your account has been migrated, your old billing account will be suspended.

What is I need something from the old customer portal?

If you need to access something from your old customer portal, such as a historical invoice, please contact our billing at: [email protected]

How will I be notified when my account is changing?

All NodeOne customers will have received an email outlining the changes to the billing and payment systems. The notification will be sent from [email protected]

A further notification will be sent as your account is migrated to the new system, with the details of your new customer portal credentials and to confirm your migration has been completed successfully. This notification will also be sent from [email protected]

What if I have a balance on my account?

If you currently have a Credit/Outstanding balance on your account, this will automatically be moved across to our new billing and payments system.

What if I have a payment plan in place?

All payment plans and terms will be moved to our new system, there will be no changes to plans that are currently in place.

What if I still have questions?

If your question is not answered by our FAQ summary above, or would like to talk to one of our team about the changes, please reach out to us at the email address below: [email protected]

Fixed Wireless installation

What to expect?
NodeOne Field Technicians are trained, qualified, and insured to safely perform fixed wireless installations at your property.  
On arrival, our Technicians will identify themselves, outline the installation process, and with your permission, will conduct a rooftop service assessment.  Once the assessment is complete, they will advise your estimated service speed and where the antenna will need to be located on the roof.  They will also confirm whether a pole is required and if any additional non-standard once-off charges may apply.   
The Technician will then outline the installation process and answer any questions you may have. The installation will not proceed without your approval. 
If it is not possible to obtain a signal strong enough to provide your required service speed, the Technician will outline the other service options available with NodeOne. 
The installation itself will require the Technicians to return to your roof and access to your ceiling space.  They may need to access other areas of your property depending on where your router is to be located.
For the Technician’s safety, power will need to be briefly turned off whilst they are in your ceiling space.  The Technician will let you know when the power must be turned off and when it can be safely turned on again. 
Installations are generally performed using fixing mounts or fittings designed to utilise existing tech screws on your roof (if applicable) to minimise the need for new penetrations.  Fixings and fittings will all be thoroughly silicon sealed for weather protection. 
If you have purchased a wireless router from NodeOne, our Technician will set this up and explain how it operates.  They will also confirm your service speed. 
That’s it, you’re up and running with your new NodeOne fixed wireless service! 
Before leaving our Technicians will ask you to complete a short confidential online survey about your installation experience.  We constantly strive to improve our service and would greatly welcome your feedback. 
What if the weather is inclement on the day of my installation?

At NodeOne safety is a top priority, consequently, your appointment may need to be rescheduled should extreme weather conditions prevail on the day of the installation.

Where will my antenna be mounted?

The antenna will be mounted on your roof where there is a clear line of sight to our tower. Typical simple antenna and standard pole installation images are shown below.

How long is the installation likely to take?

A standard installation will take 2 to 3 hours. For larger properties or where a pole is required, the installation may take a little longer.

Will I be offline during the installation?

Your current network connection will not be affected during the installation apart from a brief period when, for safety reasons, your power needs to be off whilst our Technicians are in your ceiling space.

Do I need to restrain my pets?

Our Technicians may need to repeatedly enter and leave your property during the installation, so to avoid the risk of your pets escaping or causing injury to themselves or our Technicians, we ask that they are restrained whilst our team are on site.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
It is important that someone who is authorised to make decisions about your installation is on-site whilst our team are there. They must be over the age of 18.
Prior to the installation, please consider where you would like your data point, as this will determine where your router will be located. This should be close to a power outlet in an area where most of your devices operate. We politely request that any furniture is moved away from the proposed data point location prior to the installation.
Our Installers take all reasonable precautions to weatherproof any necessary roof penetrations.  In the unlikely event of water ingress, please contact our customer support team on 1300 166 331 so that we can rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

nbn® Fixed Wireless

Does nbn® Fixed Wireless Plus have a speed guarantee?

nbn® specifications say that the service will reach at least 25Mbps downstream at least once at any time during a 24-hour period. There are no guarantees for evening speed peaks with this service.

Can you tell me what speeds I’ll receive prior to sign up?
We can advise on sign-up if your local tower/cell is experiencing congestion, and we will be in touch with you via email once your service is active with information on any specific dates that nbn® has set for an upgrade and how to test your connection.
What if I am not satisfied with my nbn® Fixed Wireless connection immediately after sign up?

We strive to do our best to advocate on behalf of our customers to nbn® and to sort out any in-home issues with your connection. Customers who wish to cancel their service within 7 days will receive a full refund.

Is there a service up-time guarantee on Fixed Wireless Plus?

No. Maintenance on the fixed wireless service may occur during daylight hours for the safety of nbn® technicians climbing towers. We recommend that customers requiring 24/7 internet or VoIP phone services consider a backup internet solution to minimise downtime.

What’s the best way to check the speed of my internet connection?

We recommend checking the speed of your internet connection on Speedtest by Ookla. Speed tests performed on our site will save to your account so that our tech support team can see exactly what you’re seeing during that speed test. This makes troubleshooting and, if required, raising a fault to nbn® much easier. We advise running the speed test on a direct connection to your nbn® connection device on an ethernet cable in order to rule out Wi-Fi interference. If you require assistance, please contact our team, they will be happy to help.

What happens if my tower or cell is congested?

Cell congestion on the nbn® tower affects everyone connected to that cell in the area, regardless of which internet service provider is supplying the service. We will endeavour to provide you with all available information on capacity upgrades and maintenance times as we receive them from nbn®.  Note that nbn® is conducting a major upgrade of fixed wireless services across Australia.

I’m concerned about my internet speeds, but my tower isn’t flagged as congested. What can I do?
We recommend contacting our team for troubleshooting to rule out other possible speed problems – for example, Wi-Fi interference from other electrical sources, or a faulty modem/router.
If all other potential problems are ruled out, and tower congestion is suspected, then we will do our best to advocate for capacity upgrades on your behalf.

nbn® Plans Perth – still have questions?

Our local WA team is here to help out with any questions you might have.

1300 166 331