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The fastest private broadband
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Private Fibre for the Seacrest Estate.

NodeOne Seacrest is the fastest private broadband network in the Midwest. This service is exclusive to Seacrest Estate in Geraldton, offering high-speed internet access via infrastructure built into every home. NodeOne is the only Internet provider that can provide this exclusive service.

Click 'Check My Address' to see if you can be serviced by the NodeOne Seacrest Network.

Super-fast speeds, super-affordable prices.

Seacrest is a true alternative to the nbn™. Why? Here are a few of our favourite reasons.

Instant Connection:
After you sign up, we only need to activate your account for you to be able to jump online. It's crazy fast.

Affordable Speeds:
Not only is it crazy fast to get connected, but the speeds we can offer are at incredible prices compared to the nbn™ equivalents.

2 simple steps to connect!

Step 1: Click 'Check My Address'.
Enter your address to see if you are on the Seacrest Network, then choose your desired plan.

Step 2: Get connected!
Seacrest premises are built with the high-speed fibre network, so once we switch you online, you're ready! Plug your new NodeOne router into the data point (or set up your existing router) and enjoy life in the fast lane!

Installation Step (If Required).
Some locations require a NodeOne Technician to come and finalise the connection before we can switch you on. If this is the case, we will book a time slot that works for you. Once the work is complete, you'll be ready to go!

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Built by WA Techies

Our entire team are based in WA, just like you. Speak directly to the experts who can help.

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Lightning Fast

A speed for every need, from 25 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps. We bring the latest tech to WA, first.

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Study Work Play Better

Our high capacity networks and WA-hosted content means everything, from video conferencing to streaming Netflix, performs better for you.

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