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EOFY sale on nbn® 1000 Plan

Get ultra-fast gigabit internet

The ultimate nbn® experience is now available for your home. Go faster with nbn® home Ultrafast.

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We’ve updated our typical evening speeds!

Our 1000/50 Mbps plan is now listed as 582/47 Mbps. We updated the display of all nbn® plans to include the typical evening speed, providing transparency to our customers. This means your evening speeds will average around 582/47, however in off peak times you may reach speeds closer to 1000.

Ultrafast nbn® now available.

Are you ready for ultra-fast internet? You’re in luck – Gigabit nbn® (aka nbn® 1000) is up to 10 times faster than most current internet connections, and it’s rolling out fast in Western Australia. Not every ISP offers nbn® 1000, the good news is that we do!

Read on for our guide to nbn® 1000 and to find out if gigabit internet is just what you need. Then check whether your address is eligible and get started with us.

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What is nbn® 1000?

The nbn® 1000 plan is the fastest nbn® speed available for residential addresses in Western Australia. The maximum download speed on these plans is 1000 megabits per second (Mbps), which is equal to one gigabit (Gbps) – hence the nickname ‘gigabit internet’.

Along with a maximum download speed of 1000Mbps, you’ll also enjoy a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps – around double the max upload speed of the next tier down (250Mbps).

If you regularly have more than five heavy internet users online at the same time, gigabit internet might speed up your home offices, online gaming, VoIP phones, HD video streaming or large downloads.

Can I get nbn® 1000 in Perth?

The downside of this ultrafast internet is that it’s currently only available over certain nbn® connection types. This means that not everyone in Western Australia is eligible for gigabit nbn® just yet, and it will depend on what technology is used for your connection.

To get this ultrafast internet at home, you’ll need to have an FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection. To check your connection type, click here to find out if your address is eligible.

According to NBN Co, around 5.1 million premises in Australia had access to the nbn® Home Ultrafast speed tier by mid-2022. If your address wasn’t one of those with the connection, you might be one of the million more due to be connected in 2023. Keep an eye on NBN Co for updates to your area.

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    nbn® 1000 plans FAQs

    How much does nbn® 1000 cost?

    At just $149 a month, our nbn® 1000 Home Ultrafast plan is just $20 per month more than our 250/25 Mbps plan, offering great value for super-fast internet.

    How fast is nbn® 1000?

    nbn® 1000 is the fastest internet available on the nbn®. It offers maximum download speeds of 1000Mbps. It also offers a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps which is also the fastest in Australia (our business plans offer faster uploads speeds) – keeping your internet lightning fast. It’s extremely fast with the ability to easily support all home and remote working needs.

    Who is eligible for nbn® 1000?

    According to NBN Co, 5.1 million premises across Australia had access to the nbn® Home Ultrafast speed tier by mid-2022. A million more are due to be connected in 2023, keeping it on track to give 10 million premises access to nbn® 1000 by the end of 2025 – that’s about 90% of Australian homes and businesses.

    What is the fastest internet in Perth?

    Our nbn® Home Ultrafast plan offers the fastest internet in Perth, with maximum download speeds of 1Gbps per second. We were the first to offer nbn® 1000 in Western Australia, and this is still the fastest available in the country.

    Can I get nbn® 1000?

    To get access to gigabit nbn®, you require an FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection at home. Check your address here but don’t worry if your address doesn’t have an FTTP connection yet – NBN Co is on track to connect 90% of properties in Australia by the end of 2025.

    What is gigabit nbn®?

    Gigabit nbn®, also known as nbn® 1000, refers to the gigabit-per-second (1000 megabits) download speed this plan offers. It’s also sometimes called gigabit internet or Ultrafast nbn®.

    Is 1 gig internet good for gaming?

    Gigabit internet is a great option if you like to stream 4K or 8K games or play multiplayer games online. Faster internet reduces lagging or latency issues, meaning no awkward pauses at key moments in your games.

    How many devices can 1Gbps support?

    nbn® 1000 is intended to be able to handle more than ten devices streaming in 4K at the same time – so it will almost certainly support your household requirements, even if you’re running a couple of home offices. The less data intensive your internet use, the more devices your gigabit internet connection will support.

    Is gigabit the same as fibre?

    Gigabit internet refers to the speed of the internet connection (the fastest currently available in Australia), while fibre broadband refers to the connection type that delivers the internet to an address. Fibre is the term for a network of fibre-optic cables that are made up of a combination of optical fibre and coaxial cables. A fibre connection is the only connection that can currently deliver gigabit internet.

    Is 1Gbps enough for streaming?

    Absolutely – nbn® 1000 lets you stream 4K/Ultra HD on more than 10 devices at the same time without any latency issues. This plan removes bottlenecks that are experienced on lower speed plans.

    Do I need a special Ethernet cable for gigabit speeds?

    Gigabit internet requires Ethernet cables at Category 5e or higher. If you are installing new cable you may want to use Category 6a or Category 7 to future-proof for faster internet in the future.

    How do I know if my router capable of gigabit speeds?

    You can find out if your router is gigabit by checking the router name or description. If it doesn’t say it anywhere on the router itself, you should be able to visit the manufacturer website and look it up.

    When you connect to NodeOne, you have the option of purchasing a modem from us. We highly recommend this to ensure you have the most up-to-date tech.

    For a limited time our modems are on sale for $130 down from $180! Simply sign up to a NodeOne plan by checking your address and select ‘yes’ when you get to the modem option.

    What is the difference between a gigabit router and a normal router?

    The only difference between gigabit routers and normal routers is the speed of the internet that it facilitates. A gigabit router can provide an internet speed of 1000Mbps, provided you have the right connection at your address.

    nbn® 1000 plans – still got questions?

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