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"We wanted to provide the fastest speeds to WA, whether on our Fixed Wireless network or the NBN"

Not every company wants to deliver the best. Nor do they want to deliver it first. But the NodeOne ethos is about being the leader in the industry for always delivering the very latest and fastest technology on the market to Western Australia.

Founder Nick VanNamen describes his reasons for setting up the company. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t fail WA. If we didn’t do something, people in WA wouldn’t have an alternative. We wanted to provide the fastest speeds to WA, whether on our Fixed Wireless network or the NBN.”

Over 10 Years of Fast Firsts

Our Beginning

NodeOne starts in Geraldton by a couple of Geraldton tech whizz’s who were frustrated by the internet technology provided to WA people.

They knew there were better options out there, and if the big corporates and Government didn’t want to bring it to our State, then they’d just have to do it.

Our First First

We are the first in WA to provide more than 25 Mbps internet over Fixed Wireless.

Global Recognition

NodeOne places 5th worldwide in Ubiquiti’s “Most Impressive Link” competition.

A Fast First

We are the first in Australia to provide 100/100 Mbps and 250/100 Mbps internet speeds to customers.

Fixed Wireless Fanatics

NodeOne is the first in WA to provide 100+ Mbps over fixed wireless internet.

Perth Just Got Faster

We expand the NodeOne network into the Perth metropolitan area.

500+ Mbps

We start trialling our Hyperfast internet technology and connect up our first customer on 500+ Mbps.

NodeOne are awarded two grants in the State Government Digital Farm Grants Program to establish a better internet network in the Chapman Valley-Northampton region.

Over 50 Towers

We are the first in WA to provide Hyperfast speeds of 500+ Mbps over fixed wireless internet.

The NodeOne network expands to over 50 fixed wireless towers in WA. We remain the largest fixed wireless network in Western Australia.

A Business, Gamer & Farmer's Dream

We are the first in Australia to deploy the Air Fibre LTU Point to Multipoint (PtMP). This is the latest in Fixed Wireless technology and offers lower latency than most Fixed Line services (a gamer’s dream!). This allowed us to comfortably offer speeds of 250 Mbps to customers living within a 10km radius of towers.

A new Perth office is open, we expand the team, build a new website and launch a new brand look.

We are the first WA company to offer 1000/1000 Mbps on the NBN network.

We completed a purpose built 30 tower internet network across nine Mid-West shires as part of the State Government initiative, the Digital Farm Grants Program. It covers nearly 20,000 square kilometres and gives Mid-West farmers and residents an opportunity to have reliable, ultra fast internet.

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