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What’s new at NodeOne?

The future of Fixed Wireless is Swooperfast.

We have launched our next-gen service – Swooperfast.

Our Swooperfast speeds are available in an exciting 250/100Mbps and 500/200Mbps, what’s more? They’re available for residential and business customers!

Simply enter your address in our search bar to see if Swooperfast speeds are available for you.


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Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day money back guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with your Swoop Fixed wireless service or the level of service in connecting your fixed wireless service within the first 30 days of activation. Let us know why you are unhappy with your service, and we will refund your first month’s plan fee. The request must be made within 30 days of your service being connected.

How to make a claim:

To make a claim for a full refund, please simply call our friendly support team on 1300 66 55 75 within 30 days of your service being connected and prior to you switching to another provider and/or connecting a different internet technology at you residence or business.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact our team and get connected today.

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What is Fixed Wireless?

Our NodeOne Fixed Wireless Network is the high-speed alternative to conventional household fixed-line internet, such as nbn™. Traditionally, your internet will be delivered to your home through cables in the ground, and these cables can be old, worn out, and expensive to fix.

With Fixed Wireless, NodeOne bypasses these legacy networks by installing an antenna at your home or business which talks wirelessly to one of our communications towers, which can be located up to 30km away. No phone line and no NBN required! Simply plug your router into the professionally-installed data point in your wall, and prepare for life in the fast lane.

Why should I choose broadband over over nbn™?

More than 60% of Australians can’t get over 100 Mbps on their nbn™ service. If your home nbn™ connection is failing you, don’t feel stuck. Our NodeOne Fixed Wireless Network provides the best solution for thousands of happy Western Australians who were hampered by their existing service.

Compare broadband plans

NodeOne lets you search your address to find the right Fixed-Wireless broadband plan for your home. Choose from our different plans, based on your needs and speed requirements. All Fixed-Wireless broadband plans come with unlimited data and no lock-in contract*.

To compare plans, simply enter your address here and we’ll show you what incredible WA-based internet services we can offer you.

Which broadband plan is best for home?

For an average household with 4 people under one roof, our Fixed Wireless 70 or Fixed Wireless 120 broadband plans would be suitable.

For more intensive internet use with 5-10 people under one roof, our Fixed Wireless 250 or Fixed Wireless 500 broadband plans would be suitable.

Are you unsure which plan you require? Contact our Perth team and tell us a little about the types of things you enjoy doing online, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Is fixed-wireless the same as broadband?

When we talk about our Fixed Wireless internet, we are referring to broadband, so yes, fixed wireless here is the same as broadband.

Is broadband better than Wi-Fi?

It is common for people to refer to Wi-Fi and broadband interchangeably. While the two technologies are closely related, you can’t have home or business Wi-Fi without first having a broadband connection.

Broadband is your internet connection. You can have different types of internet connections, such as ADSL, fibre, satellite, or mobile services.

To have Wi-Fi in your home requires having a broadband (or nbn) connection first. Wi-Fi transmits data between devices and a modem.

Fixed Wireless broadband plans – still have questions?

Our local WA team is here to help out with any questions you might have.

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