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Do business better with nbn® 500 for business. Fast, reliable nbn® 500 is now available across Western Australia. Fast home plans (250Mbps and 1,000Mbps) also also available.

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nbn® 500 for business

Is your business ready for fast internet? nbn® 500 (our 500mbps internet plan) is one of the fastest nbn® plans available for businesses in Western Australia. Not all internet service providers offer this high-speed tier but NodeOne can connect you.

The nbn® 500 plan is a business nbn® plan. If you’re looking for a fast home nbn® plan, we offer the nbn™ Home Superfast 250Mbps  and nbn™ Home Ultrafast 1000Mbps plans. View all our home nbn® plans here.

Read on for our guide to nbn® 500 and check whether your business address is eligible to get started with us now.

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What is nbn® 500?

nbn® 500 is a 500 Mbps internet plan that offers business-ready connectivity. The maximum download speed on these plans is a zippy 500 megabits per second (Mbps).

Along with a maximum download speed of 500 Mbps, you’ll also enjoy a maximum upload speed of 200 Mbps – meaning your internet can handle all your business’s uploading and downloading demands.

If your business requires heavy cloud usage, VoIP phones, HD video streaming, large downloads or any other broadband, nbn® 500 might be just what you need to work better and faster.

Can I get nbn® 500?

The downside of a 500mbps internet plan is that it’s currently only available over certain nbn® connection types. This means that not all business premises in Australia are eligible for nbn® 500 yet – it depends on what technology is used for your connection.

To get Lightspeed internet for your business, you’ll need to have an FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection. To check your connection type, click here to find out if your address is eligible.

According to NBN Co, around 5.1 million premises in Australia had FTTP by mid-2022. If your address wasn’t one of those with the connection, you might be one of the million more due to be connected in 2023. Keep an eye on NBN Co for updates to your area.

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    nbn® 500 plans FAQs

    Is 500 a good internet speed?

    Yes, 500Mbps is a good internet speed.

    nbn® 500 is the second fastest internet speed available on the nbn®. It offers you a maximum download speed of 500Mbps. It also offers a maximum upload speed of 200Mbps.

    It’s extremely fast with the ability to easily support all business and remote working needs.

    Can I get nbn® 500 in Perth?

    To get access to 500 Mbps nbn®, you require an FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection at home. Check your address here but don’t worry if your address doesn’t have an FTTP connection yet – NBN Co is on track to connect 90% of properties in Australia by the end of 2025.

    Is 500 MB fast enough for business?

    An internet plan with upload speeds of 500Mbps should be fast enough for many businesses. However if you have intensive data needs and a large team, a faster plan may be required.

    If you want a faster business plan, take a look at our Business Fibre Enterprise Ethernet page where we offer the nbn™ Business 1000 plan.

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