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Extend Wi-Fi Range

extend wifi range

7 ways to extend your Wi-Fi range

In our digital world, strong Wi-Fi is essential for good internet use. Yet, we often find spots in our homes or offices with weak or no signal.

To extend your Wi-Fi range and fix dead zones or weak signals, follow these 7 practical steps. They’ll help you boost your Wi-Fi, ensuring strong and seamless internet connectivity everywhere.

TLDR summary

Overview on how to extend your Wi-Fi range:

1. Move your router.

2. Upgrade your router and firmware.

3. Upgrade to high-gain antennas.

4. Invest in a Wi-Fi range extender or booster.

5. Try a wired access point.

6. Powerline extender kits.

7. Optimise Wi-Fi settings.

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1. Move your router

Tip: For better Wi-Fi range, place your router centrally away from walls, electronics, and reflective objects.

Avoid placing it near thick walls, electronic appliances, or reflective surfaces, as these can interfere with the signal. 

Putting it higher, like on a shelf, improves signal coverage, extending strong Wi-Fi across your home.

By strategically placing your router, you can extend a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home.

2. Upgrade your router and firmware

Tip: Upgrade your router and any firmware

If your router is old, it might not have the latest features for better Wi-Fi. Upgrading to a newer router with beamforming, more antennas, and new Wi-Fi standards can boost your signal strength and coverage. Also, keep your router’s software updated for the best performance.

Additionally, ensure your firmware is running on the latest versions. A modem/router unit (also called a gateway) usually gets updated automatically, but if you use a separate router, it may be worth checking for updates.

3. Upgrade to high-gain antennas

Tip: High-gain antennas direct the Wi-Fi signal more precisely, enhancing coverage where needed.

Upgrade to high-gain antennas if your router supports them.

These antennas direct the Wi-Fi signal more precisely, enhancing coverage where needed. Check they’re compatible with your router and install as per guidelines. 

Note, the direction of the antenna affects signal direction: vertical antennas spread signals horizontally, and horizontal antennas spread them vertically.

4. Invest in Wi-Fi range extenders or boosters

Tip: Wi-Fi range extenders can boost your existing Wi-Fi signal. 

Consider a Wi-Fi extender to amplify your signal. It captures your router’s signal, strengthens it, and rebroadcasts, expanding coverage to areas with weak or no signal. Ideal for large homes or buildings with signal-blocking obstacles like thick walls. Position it between your router and the area needing better signal for improved Wi-Fi strength.

There are different types of Wi-Fi boosters available, each suited to specific needs:

4.1 Wi-Fi repeater 

Tip: Wi-Fi repeaters amplify your Wi-Fi signal without the need for additional installations or wired connections, ideal for homes or small offices.

Wi-Fi repeaters boost your signal wirelessly, avoiding extra installations. These devices pick up, strengthen, and resend your Wi-Fi signal. They’re straightforward to install and help expand coverage. However, they might reduce bandwidth since they use the same frequency for both receiving and sending signals.

4.2 Wi-Fi extenders 

Tip: Wi-Fi extenders are a wired solution for extending the reach of your Wi-Fi network without the need to replace your existing router.

Wi-Fi extenders can use a wired connection to the router, such as Ethernet, to minimise signal interference and deliver a stable, fast connection over the extended area.

4.3 Mesh Wi-Fi systems 

Tip: A mesh Wi-Fi system is a great way to seamlessly extend Wi-Fi signal in a larger house.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems include a main router connected to your modem and satellite nodes spread across your home, offering complete coverage. These systems avoid the bandwidth problems common with repeaters by ensuring your devices seamlessly switch to the strongest signal, providing uninterrupted internet access throughout your space. 

They are ideal for ensuring consistent Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home or office.

5. Try a wired access point

Tip: Wired access points provide a direct connection to a new WiFi hotspot. 

Wired access points link to a router or switch using an Ethernet cable, creating a dependable, fast network connection. This setup enables the creation of a new Wi-Fi hotspot where the original router’s signal is weak or absent, such as in large buildings. 

The main benefit is a stable, high-speed connection due to the direct wired link to the network.

6. Powerline extender kits

Tip: You would use a Powerline extender kit when you need to extend your internet connectivity to areas where Wi-Fi signals are weak or non-existent and running Ethernet cables is impractical or too disruptive

Powerline extender kits are ideal for extending your Wi-Fi network across different rooms or floors without running new cables. They use your home’s electrical wiring to create a network connection, making them perfect for areas hard to reach with traditional Wi-Fi extenders.

They come paired for a secure link, and models vary, offering Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, or both, enabling you to connect wired devices or extend Wi-Fi to weak-signal areas.

7. Optimise Wi-Fi settings

Tip: Adjusting your Wi-Fi settings can improve signal strength at the outer limits of your network’s coverage.

Adjust your Wi-Fi settings to boost signal quality within your network’s reach. 

Optimising settings like transmission power, channel selection, and security can improve your network’s efficiency and stability. 

Use dual-band or tri-band routers to switch between 2.4 GHz (wider range, more interference) and 5 GHz (faster speeds, shorter range) based on your needs. 

Secure your network with a password to avoid unauthorised access and slowdowns, leading to stronger connectivity and performance, especially in areas with previously weak signals.

8) Get a faster plan

Tip: If you’ve tried all these tricks and your internet still isn’t keeping pace with your needs, it’s possible you just need to upgrade your plan. 

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