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Hints and Tips

extend wifi range
Extend Wi-Fi Range

To extend your Wi-Fi range and fix dead zones or weak signals, follow these 7 practical steps. They’ll help you boost your Wi-Fi, ensuring strong and seamless internet connectivity everywhere.

how to speed up wifi
Speed up Wi-Fi

Discover how to speed up your Wi-Fi with our expert guide. Learn 9 simple yet effective tips for boosting your home or business Wi-Fi performance, from router placement to frequency adjustments.

fttp upgrade
FTTP Upgrade

Ready for an FTTP upgrade? Find out if you’re eligible and how to get the fastest internet on the nbn®. Improve your internet today.

what is fttp
FTTP Explained

What is FTTP? Here’s everything you need to know about Fibre-to-the-Premises, a type of nbn® network technology. Read on.

Modem vs Router
Modem vs Router

Routers and modems are just different words for the same thing, right? Actually, although people often use the words interchangeably, routers and modems are separate devices that do different jobs.

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