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Providing Fixed Wireless Internet to WA bush-fire volunteers

It has been devastating for us to see all of the families who have been affected by the bushfires that broke out in WA from January to February 2021. That is why NodeOne has teamed up with BlazeAid to help those Western Australians get back on their feet after the fires burned through and destroyed a whopping 71 homes.

Who are BlazeAid?

BlazeAid is a not-for-profit organisation that sends out many caring volunteers to work with WA families in rural Australia after floods, fires and other natural disasters have hit. These volunteers help the victims recover and rebuild homes, fences and other infrastructure that have been destroyed. Not only that, but the volunteers also aim to lift the spirits of the victims who are facing devastating circumstances. BlazeAid has set up a management office and campsite in Brigadoon for the volunteers that are dedicated to helping rebuild after the most recent WA bushfires. The project is set to run for about six months.

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How did NodeOne become involved?

NodeOne was scouted by Qbit Computers, when account manager, Sean Hodnett, knew there was strong NodeOne coverage in the area, as he himself had to evacuate the area during the fires. Director, Fabio Suffell then reached out to our very own Sean Clarke, Chief Sales Officer at NodeOne. We were more than happy to contribute to the cause and help improve the living conditions at the temporary campsite.

What have we done to help?

NodeOne has offered a business-grade Fixed Wireless internet connection, that has been installed in the BlazeAid campsite. Because of NodeOne’s awesome internet quality, BlazeAid volunteers will easily be able to organise and manage the project from the campsite. Fabio Suffell has said that the Qbit team are “so excited to have this quality equipment to install and manage. This is going to make a big difference to the quality of life for the volunteers in this camp, we couldn’t be happier to help.”

Read more about the project here: https://www.qbit.com.au/Blog/IT-Community-in-Perth-Comes-Together-for-Bush-Fire 

Get involved!

As BlazeAid has said, they’re “not just rebuilding fences but helping rebuild lives,” and we want to help do the same. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected.

If you want to get involved, see what you can do to help by visiting: https://blazeaid.com.au/volunteering-information/ 

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