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Press Release – nbn® 1000

press release

Across Perth and Western Australia, 150 more towns and suburbs will be eligible for NodeOne’s new nbn® 1000 plan this year.

Thousands more west coast homes and businesses will soon be able to sign up for NodeOne’s new 1000/50 Mbps Home Ultrafast plan

NBN Co’s list of the areas to be eligible for fibre to the premises (FTTP) this year includes more than 150 suburbs and towns across Western Australia. 

By the end of 2023, the households and businesses in the listed areas will be able to connect to NodeOne’s nbn® 1000/50 Mbps Home Ultrafast plan. This is the fastest home internet plan available in the country and will mark a huge upgrade for Perth’s connectivity.

“Our new Home Ultrafast plan was the first 1000Mbps plan in Western Australia. We leverage the nbn®’s FTTP technology to offer incredibly fast and reliable internet connectivity to homes and businesses in and around Perth,” said David Michaels, NodeOne’s Head of Sales and Marketing.  

“There is an increased need for fast and reliable internet connections as businesses rely more on cloud technology and digital conferencing, more people run businesses from home, and we do more of our day-to-day activities online. We’re thrilled that NBN is rolling out FTTP across the state and we’ll be able to offer Western Australia’s fastest nbn® plan to more customers this year.” 

If customers at eligible premises wish to upgrade to FTTP, they just need to place an order for any one of the three fastest residential speed tiers. This gives them the option of NodeOne’s nbn® 1000 Home Ultrafast plan (aka gigabit internet), nbn® 250 Home Super Fast plan, Business nbn® 1000 plan and Business nbn™ 500 plans.

The nbn® 1000 plan is the fastest nbn® speed available for residential addresses in Western Australia.  The plan offers a max download speed of 1000 megabits per second (Mbps), or one gigabit (Gbps) – hence the nickname ‘gigabit internet’. 

nbn® 1000 is only available via FTTP, which will be an option for about 90% of premises around Australia by the end of 2025. See NBN Co for the full list of suburbs and towns where an additional million premises will be eligible for full fibre.

NodeOne’s nbn® 1000 plan is an especially good option for households with multiple internet users, home offices and heavy demands on broadband. 

Customers can check their address on the NodeOne website to see if their building is eligible for nbn® 1000. If their premises are not yet eligible for the Home Ultrafast plan, they can look up the date their address is likely to be connected on NBN Co’s website

About NodeOne

NodeOne is a Western Australia-based provider of data and voice services to wholesale, business and residential customers with a focus on its own fibre and fixed wireless infrastructure. The NodeOne network is designed and scaled to deliver ultra-reliable, high throughput, flexible telecom network services. NodeOne is established and has the goal to build its business to become Australia’s best challenger internet and telecommunications provider.


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